8th Edition in Data Protection Series: Data Protection and Privacy Compliance in Big Data and Cloud

Amsterdam, Netherlands
25 Feb 2015 to 27 Feb 2015

Enhancing Effective Cloud and Data Protection Strategy According to the New European Regulation and Reach an Effective Compliance Programme Across the Organisation by Launching Privacy Friendly Products

This exclusive marcus evans forum will offer critical insights into achieving company compliance by aligning all departments in data classification strategy to maintain cloud and big data protected. With data growing at an average of 50% annually, data backup and recovery are challenges facing all businesses regardless of company size or industry.

To meet these challenges, corporations are constantly looking for new data protection strategies and solutions to help protecting their employees’ or client data by creating privacy friendly product or services. Our delegates will learn best in class practices from multinational companies linking security with privacy strategy as well as discuss with regulator about the last updates on the upcoming data protection regulation.

Key Topics

• Integrating effective data classification strategy to identify which data should be anonymised, encrypted, deleted, pseudo-anonymised...
• Gaining the most recent updates of the data protection reform in Europe to prepare for the new regulatory rules around using cloud computing and best practices from
multinational companies in terms of Cross-Border data transfer and Safe Harbor challenges
• Assuring data protection compliance when transferring data among different companies or headquarters and contractual terms
• Leveraging big data without compromising customer privacy
• Managing privacy implications in mobile applications from a customer perspective

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