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A single cloud provider can’t do it all for more than half of UK businesses New survey from Adapt shows cloud integration could help match future business needs

A new survey has found that more than half (53%) of UK businesses using cloud providers to run all or part of their IT infrastructure do not feel that a single provider is capable of meeting their requirements.

Security Demands to Drive Innovation in Cloud Storage

What was once thought of as an innocent and efficient way to store information is getting a new look in 2014.

Acronis Moves Into the Cloud With Acronis Backup as a Service

Complete Cloud Backup Offering Diminishes Barriers to Entry for Service Providers, Expands Their Portfolio and Ability to Localise

New CTO previews VMware hybrid cloud strategy beyond DRaaS

VMware's newest chief technology officer Chris Wolf has a lot of ground to cover, and perhaps chief among his priorities is executing on VMware's hybrid cloud strategy.

Chris WolfChris Wolf

Platform services could signal cloud strategy shift

Most discussions about cloud computing thus far have been about moving applications to the cloud. However, despite a high growth rate in cloud services, this strategy hasn't brought cloud spending to even 5% of IT budgets. Cloud leader Amazon Web Services (AWS) is signaling that there's another path to cloud success, one that uses the cloud to do things that would be difficult, expensive or even impossible to do in the data center.

This path,

AWS vs. all? What the cloud world will look like in four years

The dominance of Amazon Web Services in the emerging cloud computing marketplace has many pondering what the cloud world will look like in the future. While many think Amazon Web Services will mimic the dominance of companies like Microsoft and IBM in the past, I'm not sure that AWS will follow that course.

So, what will the cloud world look like? I have some ideas, based upon current patterns of adoption.