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Digital Realty to Discuss Data Center Interconnection

Digital Realty Trust, Inc.

Hidalgo Communications Establishes Presence in Denver, CO

Hidalgo Communications, a technology and telecommunications consulting firm focused on delivering and supporting purpose-built IT solutions and services, announces its latest expansion into Denver, CO.

One third of senior level business experts feel migrations have negative impact on "business as usual"

Xceed Group’s “Migration Conundrum” survey finds that large organisations are still struggling with migrations

Small cats purr, large cats roar – Enter the Clouded Leopard's Den and accelerate cloud innovation…

A new competition “The Clouded Leopard's Den” has been launched today at GEN14, not only to identify potential winners among early and mid-stage cloud computing start-ups but also to accelerate their opportunity for success by providing high-level exposure to media, analysts, VC’s and IT leaders,

Cannon Technologies T4 Modular Data Centres exclusively power Red Cloud's Australia expansion

Red Cloud, a leading Australian technology and hosting organisation, has signed a mutually exclusive agreement to deploy the multi-award winning Cannon Technologies T4 range of modular data centre solutions to power its Data Centre Parks expansion across the continent.

Cloud and Digital Services: Enabling Trading at the Speed of Light

Ahead of Cloud Asia, we speak to Rocky Scopelliti, Group General Manager, Industry Centre of Excellence, Telstra, Australia in order to determine some of the winning steps companies should be taking when approaching data analytics.

Asia-Pacific Cloud Computing: who is ready, who is dedi and who is steady?

The Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA) published its third Cloud Readiness Index in 2014, assessing 14 countries in the region against ten criteria, including broadband quality and data sovereignty, which indicate the infrastructural and regulatory preparedness for cloud computing adoption.

Deploying IaaS and Cloud in the Asian financial sector

August Chan is Head of IT at Delta Asia, and is participating in a cross-industry panel session at Cloud Asia entitled What Challenges Does X Industry Face When Adopting the Cloud, alongside Senior Representatives from Swiss Re and City University of Hong Kong.

What is SMAC, and how is it reshaping the enterprise?

What is SMAC, and how is it reshaping the enterprise?

Global Cloud Computing Market to Reach US$ 121.1 Billion by 2015 at a CAGR of 26.2%

Cloud Security is a strong growing market. This market witnessed the growth, particularly after 2010, when majority of organizations started adopting cloud services for cost cutting, agility and flexibility of IT infrastructure. Also, this era experienced the emergence of cloud specific threats.