Tate rebrands Data Centre Product Offering

Tate®, a market leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of raised access flooring and airflow management solutions, introduced Tate Airflow its new brand for data center product and services during AFCOM Data Center World – Global Conference 2014, Arp. 28- May 2, at the Mirage Resort, Las Vegas, Nv.

The creation of a unique brand dedicated to data center airflow management products and services has been building for several years. Beginning with the launch of the first ever In-floor Cooling solutions; DirectAire®, SmartAire® and PowerAire® in 2010. Since that time Tate has developed a full line of products and services that have redefined airflow management. No longer is sealing holes in the raised floor or filing empty U spaces in racks considered the end game for eliminating by-pass airflow.

“We are very pleased to be launching this brand of innovative products and services that redefine the term ‘airflow management’. Tate Airflow products and services will improve the operation and flexibility of any data center from the small existing data room to a fully economized warehouse.” – Donal Curtin, General Manager.

In addition to the directional airflow panels and control devices the Tate Airflow brand will include several other product categories such as a newly engineered line of ContainAire® aisle containment solutions, and IsoFlo™, a cabinet that completely isolates the supply and exhaust air from the rest of the data center within the cabinet. Shown for the first time at Data Center World, once launched these products will offer distinct advantages in installation, cost effectiveness, power & cooling optimization and design flexibility. These advantages can be realized by any data center facility including large enterprise facilities, colocation, and the optimization of large and small existing facilities.

“The new Tate Airflow brand is built on our mission to Redefine Airflow Management. By developing a completely innovative product offering and backing it with a wealth of engineering and application expertise Tate Airflow offers a unique value proposition to the data center community.” – Donal Curtin, General Manager.

To support this line of products Tate has launched a new website www.tateairflow.com. The new website features a clean easy to use navigation path dedicated to data center professionals. Product focused the new website navigation is segmented by solution set and provides a wealth of information for the research, design and application of these products in the data center.