Solihull Data Centre Introduces AIT PIMs to Streamline DCIM

AIT Partnership Group Ltd, the leading UK integrator of Data Centre & Infrastructure Management Software (DCIM) announced today that Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council Data Centre is using AIT PIMs for Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM). AIT completed the installation in the Council’s main data centre this quarter to drive efficiency measures and improve customer services.

“The asset management system enables us to instantly locate hardware and visualise connectivity with ease, helping us to reduce fix times when problems occur and maximise data centre utilisation,” said Tony Daly, lead Data Centre Technician, Solihull Council.

The DCIM software enables the team to manage and plan their data centre more effectively. AIT PIMs automates workflow to speed up moves and changes and identify free capacity. The entire physical infrastructure, including network and power cabling, is mapped and modelled providing faster fault finding and diagnosis. Information can be quickly accessed and updated from a tablet or mobile device while standing at the rack to update work orders, document changes or trace faults.

Find out more about how AIT PIMs Asset Management helped Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council in the case study here.

About AIT PIMs

AIT PIMs is a component based software solution that integrates with existing best-of-breed data centre management tools to provide a comprehensive low cost DCIM solution. AIT PIMs components use open APIs to allow full integration with real time monitoring and IT Service Management software. Rather than lift and replace, AIT PIMs integrates with what you have, adds in what is missing and delivers all the information you need to manage your data centres infrastructure.

About AIT:

AIT provides comprehensive technical services and solutions for secure networks and data centre management. Solutions include power and environmental monitoring systems and DCIM software integration.

Founded over 12 years ago AIT is a trusted advisor to some of the world’s largest organisations, with a passion for delivering innovation and excellent service and support.