Mafi Mushkila mobile racks help data centre operators pass the test

Mafi Mushkila, the leading provider of data centre services, has announced the availably of 12, 16 and 30U mobile racks for carrying out tests in date centre environments that are not yet fully operational.

The mobile racks allow both single phase rack mounted load banks and server emulators to be installed in various configurations to meet all requirements such as capacity, density or rack layout. Racks can be supplied with caster wheels or as simple stackable racks. Extension power cables, splitters and adapters can be provided to allow connection to most power outlets, including; 32Amp single and 3-phase commando sockets or C13 / CC19 / UK three pin / 16Amp commando or CE7 outlets.

Operators of colocation data centres have an obligation to ensure that the facility has undergone extensive testing in order to minimise the possibility of business-crippling downtime for future clients. The extent of the testing can vary significantly between operators but many are now recognising the importance of carrying out checks on the power and cooling, to ensure it matches CFD models, before the end user infrastructure is in place.

Dave Wolfenden, managing director of Mafi Mushkila, commented, 'Hosting sites and colocation facilities often need to be put through their paces before operators can invite customers to install their own racks and active equipment. Without racks in place, server emulators can't be used to test the electrical and cooling systems, risking the reliability and integrity of the data centre. In order to carry out exhaustive testing it is necessary to replicate the future IT environment, fully loaded with equipment and working to capacity - this is where Mafi Mushkila mobile racks come into play.'

The 12, 16 and 30U mobile racks are suitable for use in small, medium, large and 'mega' data centres, as well as in ITEC rooms, modular, prefabricated and containerised IT rooms. The mobile nature of the racks allows for a quick and hassle free set-up as well as prompt removal after testing has been carried out. The racks are constructed to the highest standards, with a rugged structure designed to mirror that of conventional fixed racks and to comfortably accommodate network equipment.

Units can be supplied on a rental only basis or as part of a fully managed Mafi Mushkila service package which offers installation and management of operations.

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