Geist launches Geist Upgradeable

February 26, 2014: - Geist announces the launch of the Geist Upgradeable power strip. This innovative solution offers scalable monitoring features that evolve with the demands of a data centre. The Geist Upgradeable unit may be installed initially as a basic power strip and upgraded at a later point in time to include power monitoring capabilities. Alternatively, it can be purchased with intelligence already included.

To add the upgradeability feature, Geist engineered an Interchangeable Monitoring Device (IMD) in its standard power strip design. The IMD is hot-swappable and can be changed out without interrupting power to critical servers. This allows network managers to upgrade the monitoring capabilities without replacing a power strip. An industry-leading five year warranty accompanies both the power strip and IMDs.

The Geist Upgradeable is feature rich: the outlets have been third party tested to ANSI and IEC standards’, confirming their accuracy is within 1% accuracy of power, voltage, frequency and temperature readings. PDUs can be daisy chained using standard Ethernet protocol to minimise the demand on expensive switch ports. The units include an easy-to-read rotatable LED display, locking sockets to protect against vibration and low profile breakers to enable easy installation in tight spaces.

Gordon Hutchison, Vice President of International Operations said, “Considerable thought has been put into the design of the new Geist Upgradeable range and we know it offers a number of significant advantages to the data centre manager: It allows a level of future proofing in that an intelligent-ready power strip can be installed at the outset, with the ability to upgrade at a later date as needs of the data centre evolve.”

Geist Upgradeable power strips are made in the UK in a wide range of standard offerings. In addition custom configurations can be designed and built to order to meet customers’ specific requirements.