Future Facilities Launches New 6SigmaDCX Suite

Future Facilities are known worldwide as the people behind world-class CFD software for data centers. Always looking for ways to make life easier for the user, they’ve spent the last two years developing a brand new user interface for their suite of tools. The grand unveiling of this new suite – 6SigmaDCX – will take place at DCD London, and will cement the suite as being not only the best in class, but also the easiest to use. “People think that CFD is complicated and hard to use,” says Hassan Moezzi, CEO at Future Facilities. “But DCX gives people a really good reason to re-assess that view.”

“We developed the new suite in consultation with our customers”, Moezzi reveals. The company invited detailed feedback, then took a huge – and potentially risky – decision: “We discarded what we thought we knew about how an interface should work, and we decided to redesign it completely”. This decision placed the user at the heart of the new suite’s development, “and they stayed there throughout the process – we invited them to trial different concepts and designs, recorded them using different design iterations, and then returned again and again to fine-tune every element”, Moezzi recalls. The goal was simple: make the end user as productive as possible, and take away the steep learning curve that many associate with CFD.

The end result is the new 6SigmaDCX suite. Fast, powerful, accurate and intuitive, DCX brings a wide range of new tools and functionality to the table.

One of the most notable changes is the introduction of ribbons. These group DCX’s tools in order to move users through the project logically: import data using the Import ribbon; construct the model using the Build ribbon; use the tools on the Solve ribbon to run the simulation; then see the results using the plots on the Results ribbon. “The ribbons make the DCX software experience easier, faster and much more familiar,” explains Moezzi. “A new user can discover and self-learn in no time, even on a casual basis.”

The new Object Panel is a cornerstone of the suite, bringing all of DCX’s objects together into one easy-to-navigate location. It houses DCX’s comprehensive Vendor and Design Libraries – with over 3,500 library objects – plus a section where users can add their own favorite items. Users can instantly search the entire library, drag and drop straight into the model, and DCX’s powerful logic will automatically highlight potential drop locations.

And DCX is more than just a facelift, says Moezzi: “Data center technology is constantly changing: DCX is one of the driving forces behind some of that change”. Although built as a stand-alone product that can be used without the need for other tools, DCX has been designed with integration in mind. “You don’t need any other tool to use DCX to the full, but if it’s important to you that your CFD integrates with your existing DCIM and CAD systems, then we tick that box” Moezzi confirmed. “We fit seamlessly into our users’ workflow, and help them avoid repeated work”. At a time when owner-operators are increasingly asking whether DCIM and CFD tools can be integrated, Future Facilities is paving the way to make that idea a reality.

Moezzi believes that 6SigmaDCX has raised the bar for data center simulation software. He encourages users to forget what they think they know about CFD: “Take a look at 6SigmaDCX. It’s full of intuitive, easy-to-use features that make CFD accessible to everyone.”