Climate Change Agreement for UK data centres already driving change

Following legal formalisation of the UK data centre industry as eligible for a Climate Change Agreement (CCA) on 1st July 2014, a review of the take-up and learnings from those who have applied so far has been captured in a report unveiled by climate change expert, Emma Fryer.

The report entitled ‘Climate Change Agreement for Data Centres: First Findings’ is designed to help those interested in applying for the scheme and will provide:

· A brief introduction to the CCA scheme for data centres
· Facts and figures on take-up such as the number of participants and base year performance
· A review of the application process, challenges and key learnings
· Insight into the strategic implications for the sector and how the scheme might develop in future

Findings show that despite early adopters having a short window in which to register for the first phase of the new scheme, the data centre industry has enthusiastically embraced the opportunity. Learnings from the rigorous approval process will also be provided alongside indications that the scheme is already driving positive change with potential to provide greater policy stability and consolidation of computing resources.

Emma Fryer, Associate Director at techUK, who led the negotiations and has been closely engaged in the registration process, comments, “The last four years have presented a steep learning curve for me and I was delighted – and relieved – when the CCA eventually came into force in July. Now our data centre operators are dealing with their own learning curve as they get to grips with the nuts and bolts of registration and implementation. What is clear is that the heavy lifting is by no means over and we will be watching closely to see how companies meet the requirements of the scheme, and also the impact it will have on energy stewardship and investor confidence looking ahead. This is very much the beginning of the process, not the end.”

Andrew Jay, EMEA Head of Data Centre Solutions at CBRE, comments, “The successful negotiation of a Climate Change Agreement for Data Centres, initiated and delivered by the UK Council of Data Centre Operators, is testament to the ability of this relatively young sector to work collaboratively and productively with government and other stakeholders. I am delighted that the scheme is now up and running and that so many facilities have successfully registered and that they, their customers, the environment and the economy will be benefiting. The experiences of this first cohort are captured in this, our first findings report.”