AIT PIMs Speeds Up Data Centre Management with Mobile App

AIT Partnership Group Ltd, the leading UK integrator of Data Centre & Infrastructure Management Software (DCIM) announced today the integration of a mobile app into its AIT PIMs software solution.

The integration means that AIT PIMs can be easily viewed and updated on a tablet or smartphone by data centre operatives working in racks. This reduces the time required to complete tasks such as moving and provisioning servers, auditing assets and diagnosing faults by accessing the workflow, floorplan, cable mapping, asset and capacity management features of AIT PIMs.

“The mobile app improves our productivity. We now make faster more informed decisions because we have all the relevant information at our finger tips while standing in front of the rack. We update asset records and carry out and sign off moves and changes work orders directly. This saves time and ensures we maintain accurate records,” said Tony Daly, lead Data Centre Technician, Solihull Council.

The mobile app is available today for android based tablet and mobile devices.

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AIT PIMs Open Interfaces Enable Easy Integration

AIT PIMs is a component based software solution that integrates with existing data centre management tools to provide a comprehensive low cost DCIM solution that leverages the existing investment in software. AIT PIMs components use open APIs to allow full integration with real time monitoring and IT Service Management software. Rather than lift and replace, AIT PIMs integrates with what you have, adds in what is missing and delivers all the information you need to manage your data centres infrastructure.
About AIT

AIT provides comprehensive technical services and solutions for secure networks and data centre management. Solutions include power and environmental monitoring systems and DCIM software integration.

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