AIT PIMs Integrates Open Standard Asset Management Tags

AIT Partnership Group Ltd, the leading UK integrator of Data Centre & Infrastructure Management Software (DCIM) announced today the integration of wireless asset management into its “AIT PIMs”, a DCIM as a Service solution. This adds a RTLS (real time location system) to the asset management feature of AIT PIMs and strengthens AITs unique approach to integrating best of breed DCIM components. Available as part of their DCIM as a Service offering it provides data centre asset management at zero capital cost.

Like all AIT PIMs components the wireless asset management tags use an open architecture 802.11 WiFi standard. The benefits over proprietary 433 MHz solutions include easier integration with existing systems and elimination of vendor lock-in. The active RTLS asset tags are powered by a battery that lasts up to 5 years, matching the technology refresh cycle of the assets they are attached to.

The tags communicate wirelessly with AIT PIMs software, which ties the unique ID of each tag to a unique asset ID, to pinpoint location within 2 metres. Audio and LED alert options can be set to aid asset identification at the rack. The tags also send alerts to AIT PIMs when an asset is moved from its authorised location. Other tags can be worn by staff to provide added security, tracking their location in real time, and allowing lone shift workers to summon help in emergencies.

“The benefit of using open WiFi standards means that our customers can use a standard wireless network rather than an expensive proprietary system” said Steve Bailey, Managing Director, AIT. “We have already integrated a mobile app into AIT PIMs which means our customers can benefit from DCIM software across a wireless network when standing at the rack. Now they can connect their RTLS tags to this at no extra cost. The feedback from our seminar and user groups about installing enterprise WLANs in the data centre was very positive. AIT is innovating in this area and we are evangelical about the benefits of integrating wireless and DCIM using open system architecture.”

AIT PIMs Open Interfaces Enable Easy Integration

AIT PIMs is a component based software solution that integrates with any existing data centre management tools to provide a comprehensive low cost DCIM solution and leverage existing software investments. AIT are specialists in DCIM integration and refer to this as ‘DCIM as a Service’.

AIT PIMs components use open APIs to allow full integration with your Building Management Systems (BMS) and IT service management (ITSM). Rather than lift and replace, AIT PIMs integrates with what you have, adds in what is missing and delivers all the information you need to manage your data centres infrastructure. It includes Real Time Monitoring, Asset, Capacity and Workflow Management along with detailed mapping of your power and network infrastructure. It is easily customised to meet bespoke requirements and can be delivered as virtual appliance solution or SAAS at zero capital cost.

About AIT

AIT provides technical services and solutions for data centre management and secure networks including data centre build and design, power and environmental monitoring systems and DCIM software integration.

Founded over 12 years ago AIT is a trusted advisor to some of the world’s largest organisations, with a passion for delivering innovation and excellent service and support.