AIT Launch Asset and Cabling Management App

AIT Partnership Group Ltd has unveiled the latest Mobile App which sets the bar for asset and cable management in data centre infrastructure. Initial the release of the Patch Manager App is compatible on any Android tablet device with an Apple Mobile App equivalent following in the next quarter.

Patch Manager maps one-to-one with the actual infrastructure giving clear insight into the use of every cable. Users can view data centre locations, rack elevations, devices and cabling in easily navigable hierarchical graphical views. This in turn provides IT teams with an extremely powerful and versatile application that can be used at rack level while remaining affordable.

Patch Manager software has put a stop to complex DCIM tools which require extensive training and ongoing consulting services just to be usable. The easily functional interface hides the powerful application underneath and in turn saves the time and resources traditionally needed for training. Downloading the app to a mobile tablet provides access to every part of the physical infrastructure at rack level, allowing data centre managers to make changes, check their work and update the central database in real time.

Further features of the App include:
- Compatible with any Android mobile or tablet device
- Receive and sign off work orders in the field
- Verify Colocation assets on the move / onsite
- Troubleshoot physical layer network problems
- Speed up physical audits
- Manage your copper, fibre and power infrastructure
- Eliminate entry error

The Mobile App supports barcode scanners via a Bluetooth interface. This allows the barcodes of asset tags to be directly read, avoiding human error associated with manual reading and entry. IT teams in the field can quickly scan server barcodes to locate the right equipment or to search for information about unknown equipment in the database.
Available today, the Patch Manager Mobile App easily scales to automate cable and asset management whether a single data centre or an entire national network with multiple equipment rooms and street cabinets across an entire estate.

About AIT Partnership Group Ltd

AIT provides comprehensive technical services and solutions including data centre design & build, data centre Audits, hot and cold aisle containment, power and environmental monitoring systems and DCIM software integration.

AIT has been a trusted advisor to some of the world’s largest organisations for over 11 years. The business has been built on strong relationships with customers and suppliers, a passion for improving the efficiency of Data Centres and a dedication to providing excellent services and support.