AIT installs PSN CoCo compliant Guest Access solution for Epping Forest District Council

AIT Partnership Group enables Epping Forest District Council to introduce a “Guest Access” solution for visitors to its civic offices.

Reading, UK, 19th May 2014 - AIT Partnership Group Ltd, a leading provider of secure network solutions, today announced it had completed a “Guest Access” solution for Epping Forest District Council. The wireless network meets strict Public Sector Network (PSN) security requirements enabling visitors to have access to the public internet while keeping the council network traffic secure.

All government organisations who want to provide public access to their network must follow government PSN CoCo (Code of Connection) standards to ensure that public Wi-Fi network traffic remains separate from the council’s own traffic. The solution, specified by AIT, controls visitor access using a web-based application to log visitor credentials and issue unique time limited access information. Aerohive access points provide coverage for secure wireless access to staff, as well as visitors, throughout the building.

“AIT did a great job. From the initial Wi-Fi survey to supporting the new access points and guest access management solution AIT engineers were very professional,” said Angelo Stephen, ICT Operations at Epping Forest District Council. “Epping now has a secure wireless network that allows employees, councillors and visitors to work anywhere within the building, with visitors able to use a self-service system to gain access to the guest network”.