2bm Double Award Winners for Data Centre design in North America

Earlier this year 2bm Ltd (2bm) in partnership with Digital Realty Trust (DLR) delivered a 2MW class leading, low energy, high performance computing (HPC) data centre in Austin Texas for their client ARM. The NAHPC facility was a finalist in three award categories for its cutting edge design and outstanding delivery team.

This month ARM, DLR & 2bm scooped up two of the awards at the DatacenterDynamics North America Awards 2014 in New York. These were in the ‘Green Data Centre’ and ‘Innovation in the Medium-Data Centre’ categories; narrowly missing out on a hat trick for a third award for ‘Special Assignment Team’ of the year.

ARM, the FTSE 100 Company at the heart of the world’s most advanced digital products, required a low-energy dedicated data centre that aligned with their ethos of innovation, efficiency and sustainability. 2bm was therefore tasked with the design of multiple, innovative, energy saving features within a single facility. In partnership with DLR the delivery of the completed facility was acknowledged by all as a comprehensive success.

‘We had an immediate need for a high efficiency, high density data center in Austin, Texas. But more importantly, we have a long-term need for a partner who can potentially help us with our go forward data center strategy.’

John Goodenough, Vice President of Design Technology and Automation at ARM Holdings
Located in Austin TX, the project marks the first time 2bm’s Design & Build Division has been involved with a project in North America. Austin’s climate posed a real challenge in providing a low energy, sustainable, zero water consumptive data centre. From the start of the design process to handover, the facility was completed within a period of just 10 months. In addition, the scale of the project (in excess of $22m) along with the international makeup of the design and delivery team makes the accomplishment even more noteworthy.

The opportunity arose as a result of 2bm and ARM’s previous collaboration in building the award-winning data centre in Cambridge, UK, which was awarded Gold CEEDA Certification. The successes seen at this site provided the catalyst for the design and build of the new facility in Austin which subsequently became the first data centre worldwide to be awarded Gold CEEDA Design-Operated Certification.

The design of the ARM NAHPC data centre fully embraces and surpasses the sustainability credentials and the requirements of the EU code of conduct for data centres and is arguably the most efficient HPC data centre in Texas.

The facility is an exceptional example of an energy efficient data centre with every aspect meeting and in some cases surpassing the requirements of the EU code of conduct for data centres. We believe that the design of the ARM NAHPC data centre fully embraces and surpasses the sustainability credentials required for commercial buildings with the city of Austin.’
CEEDA Recognition

The two awards now join 2bm’s fast-growing repertoire of successes and further demonstrates its ability to design and deliver high quality, energy efficient data centres worldwide.